The internet – to trust or not to trust?

It’s a common scene during a busy new semester season at our library. The librarian is conducting one of the scheduled Library Instructional Class. As usual,  the librarian will ask the new students – where do you normally get your  source of information?… and as anticipated, the normal latest trend respond is “ from the internet”!.

Can we trust “ uncle Google” or “Uncle Yahoo” to give the most reliable answer when it comes to information?. I believe that deep down inside,  everybody has got the answer. Some say it depends on who writes what? Some may say  yes, as the net is the most easiest and fastest way to get our latest information.

I would like to highlight that one common mistake that we tend to do during our search for knowledge is, we may sometimes overlook the importance of checking our sources, the accuracy, the reliability, credibility and the accountability of each information received from the net.

I would like to share an interesting incident happened in 2009 after the death of a French composer, Maurice Jarre. An Irish student, Shane Fitzgerald decided to add a fake quote and put it to the late composer’s Wikipedia page. How fast the news get circulated. In no time..the next thing they knew it .. the phony quotes appeared in orbituaries by major newspapers even though it was not linked to a source!. (Pogatcnik, 2009). You need to be cautious! even newspapers nowadays need to be checked on their reliability…!

Moral of the story? How do you know who to trust when it comes to Internet sources? We can share with you the tips to consider when using Internet and avoid the pitfall of  circulating a phony information in your writings.


Come and join us in our Library Class whenever you feel free. What you need to do is just by contacting us at  2175 4276/ 4284 or email to book the class.

Learn a new thing a day so you’ll become a new person tomorrow! Cheers!

Source: Pogatcchnik, S. (2009). Student hoaxes world’s media on Wikipedia. Retrieved 4th March 2010, from


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