7 April Workshop Teaser: IEEE Xplore – Essential notes & how to get published with the IEEE

IEEE Session Teaser (7 Apr)

Poster IEEE 7 April

Objective: Participants will be discussed based on the essential learning notes, such as:

  1. Part 1:
    1. Introduction to IEEE & IEEE Xplore – a resource digital library
    2. Writing for a journal or conference proceedings – the difference
    3. The format of an IEEE paper
    4. Ethics in writing
    5. Understanding journals site
    6. Finding a conference’s call for paper
    7. Using the Journal recommendation tool
    8. Understanding & use the functionalities of IEEE Xplore via creating a personal account & access full text
    9. Search Strategies to advanced searching to aid your academic studies
    10. Discover & browsing related articles to support your research activities. Browsing the collections in the platform

Time: 90 mins.

Participants: Participants who are interested to publish on IEEE Xplore (as a journal paper, magazine article or conference proceedings)

Trainer: Hazman Aziz – Client Services Manager, IEEE

About the trainer: Hazman is a trained librarian, who has published several articles, including at an IEEE Conference. His paper can be access via IEEE Xplore as one of the conference proceedings. Hazman’s research interested is in outreach scholarly communication, where he reads on the societal impact of a researcher at the article level metrics. He shares his knowledge in leveraging and harnessing the IEEE Xplore to aid and out research activities.


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