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i-Smart Challenge Video Competition: Terms and Conditions

Updated info:
New submission date has been extended to: April 30


Good day,

Please find i-Smart Challenge video competition steps as well as terms and conditions as per below:

iSmart steps

TermCondition iSmart Challenge_updated

Thanks and regards,
Tunku Azizah Knwoledge Centre


i-Smart Challenge Video Competition

Updated info:

The contest date has been extend to new date: April 30


Good day to all UniKL students!

Tunku Azizah Knowledge Centre and UniKL Campuses Learning Hubs are organizing a 3 minutes video competition called i-Smart Challenge Video Competition.

You are cordially invited to participate.

iSmart poster updated

Please find below for the link to simple steps as well as  competition terms and conditions.

Video competition #Wileyin30seconds

Good day to all students,

We would like invite all UniKL students to participate to #Wileyin30seconds video competition.


What you have to do?

Create, share your video and win Great Prizes!

  • Describe how you have benefited from a Wiley Product or Solution in a video clip.
  • Share with us how Wiley has helped you to succeed.
  • Keep your video fun and up to 1 minute.
  • Most creative and top voted videos will win amazing prizes.

Video submissions will be accepted beginning 11th February 2019, 9am Singapore Time through 15th March 2019, 5pm Singapore Time.

Click here for the contest terms and conditions.

Wiley Terms and Conditions

Note: Please ensure that your email address (for registration) is valid and accurate.

Springer eBook Collection

Good day,

springer ebook banner

Tunku Azizah Knowledge Centre currently subscribed to the following Springer eBook collection.

Subject : Biomedical
Year of Publication : 2017, 2013, 2012

Subject : Business Management
Year of Publication : 2017, 2013, 2012

Subject : Computer Science
Year of Publication : 2017, 2013, 2012

Subject : Chemistry
Year of Publication : 2017, 2013, 2012

Subject : Engineering
Year of Publication : 2017, 2013, 2012, 2009 – 2005

Subscription ends: August 2019

*Access within campus network only.

Online Quiz: Wiley’s ‘Potions Of Wit’ game


With the recent migration to Atypon’s Literatum Platform, we would like to showcase Wiley Online Library’s new capabilities and functionalities through our ‘Potions of Wit’ game. Details of the game are attached below:

Game play:

  • Enter the game via QR code in the poster or visit
  • Answer Professor Wright’s challenges by finding the answers in Wiley Online Library
  • Stand to win a prize with the correct answer

Duration of the game:
30 August to 19 September 2018


  • Amazon (or similar) vouchers worth USD 25*
  • 20% discount code for books on

Wiley Library Marketing APAC

*Terms and conditions apply.


Register now! IEEE Authorship Workshop (24 August)

Good day!

Dear UniKL Post Grads and Academicians,

We are pleased to announce that registration is now open for IEEE Authorship Workshop.

Host  : Universiti Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Co-Host: United Technology (M) Sdn Bhd & IEEE Southeast Asia Branch
Speaker: Mr. Alex Liu
Date  : 24 August 2018 (Friday)
Time  : 10:30AM – 12:00PM
Venue: UniKL Convention Room, Level 23
Maximum Attendance  : 50 people
Fee  : None

Registration Link:
Closing date for registration: 21 August (Tuesday)

You should attend this authorship workshop to:

Increase the visibility of your research and build author credibility by publishing a paper in a leading IEEE journal or conference. Learn how to navigate the IEEE paper submission and peer review process.

Review the required elements and proper structure of a manuscript plus the reasons behind why papers may be rejected.

For more details, refer the following poster.

IEEE Authorship Workshop 2018

How to be a successful University student – Part 1

blog post midi

University lifestyle can be an overwhelming experience, with so much to do and seemingly little time to do it all. In order to make the most of your time in college/university, you will need to do well in class, take advantage of extracurricular opportunities, and prepare yourself for life after graduation. Going to college can be a fun and exciting time, especially if you are committed to being successful.

Go to class.  Each missed class represents missed content and missed discussion. Some professors weigh participation into your final grade calculation. Even if attendance isn’t required, however, you will make a good impression on your professor and TA if you show up to class.

  • Only miss class if you are genuinely sick—too sick to get anything worthwhile out of the lecture.
  • If you need some incentive, consider the cost of each class hour.

Take notes. Your memory is never as good as you think it is. There will probably be plenty of things taking up space in your mind while at school. Taking good notes will keep you engaged in classroom activities (lectures and discussion) and give you a good basis when studying for exams.

Participate in class. Ask questions of your instructors, give answers if they ask questions, and contribute to discussion sections. Taking an active part in the class will keep you involved with the material, and help you better understand what the instructor needs you to know.

  • Sitting in front, or at least not in the back, will make it easier to pay attention and put you front and center for the professor to see.

Take time to study. Success in college relies on you preparing outside of class, so spend time reviewing your notes and reading the textbook for each session. When you study, find a quiet space and cut off outside distractions. A good rule of thumb is to spend two hours studying for each hour you spend in class.

Study groups—working with other students in your class—can be helpful, but also go off-track easily. Make sure you find a study group that reviews the material, and spends most of its time actually studying, rather than chatting.

Don’t cram! Part of being a successful college student is doing more than passing tests; it’s retaining the useful information for the real world. When you cram, you might remember enough to pass your exam, but chances are high that you’ll forget most of it in a day or two. When you’re spending tens of thousands of dollars to learn this stuff, actually remembering it for later is a smart investment.

Spacing out your study sessions over a few days is the best way to make sure you remember the material later. Rather than spending a 9-hour marathon studying for a test, for example, start a few days early and study for 1-2 hours each day for 3 or 4 days in a row. If you can plan well ahead of time, it’s even better to space your studying out over a period of weeks.

Avoid procrastinating. No professor ever complained about her students finishing an assignment early. Setting aside time to complete one task will give ease your stress level, and make it more likely to complete others on time.

  • On occasion, you may need to stay up all night to finish an assignment. Procrastinating will only make doing so more likely, and doing work early can help you get more regular sleep.
  • Set yourself regular performance goals. These small goals seem easy to do so you’re less likely to procrastinate on them. However, the accomplishments will pile up fast.

Communicate with your instructor. Your professors want you to do well in class, so feel free to ask questions about the material. Every professor has open office hours, so stop by to introduce yourself, ask about the class, or discuss your grades. This can allow them to learn more about you, your strengths and weaknesses, and provide better feedback for improving your work.

Be confident. Most students’ attitude towards a class dictates their success. Believe you can learn the material and be successful, and you will increase your chances of succeeding. Don’t think about how difficult things are, but how you are going to overcome those difficulties


Register now! IFLA Information Literacy Section Satellite Meeting (23 August 2018)

3rd Update!!!
Closing date for registration is today 17 August.

Registration will be close at 5.30pm Malaysian Time (2 hours from this post).
Once closed, registration link will be non-functional and new registration will not be entertain.


2nd Update!!!
New Dateline for Registration: 17 August

Register now at:


We look forward for more international/ASEAN participation.


1st Update!!!
Dateline for Registration: 10 August

Register now at:


Good day!

We are pleased to announce that registration is now open for the IFLA Information Literacy Section Satellite Meeting – Information Literacy in the ASEAN Region and Beyond.

Please join Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe, Chair of the IFLA Information Literacy Section, for a day-long basic training opportunity related to information literacy teaching in libraries. Topics will include instructional design, teaching strategies, assessment, and ongoing professional development. The satellite meeting will be structured as a collaborative and interactive workshop. Lunch and break snacks will be provided. There is no fee to participate.

Title  : Information Literacy in the ASEAN Region and Beyond
Sponsor  : IFLA Information Literacy Section
Host  : Universiti Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Date  : 23 August 2018
Time  : 9:00AM – 16:00PM
Maximum Attendance  : 50 people
Fee  : None

After attending the satellite meeting, participants will be able to:

  • Approach information literacy teaching from an instructional design perspective.
  • Adopt the mindset of a reflective practitioner.
  • Work collaboratively with community partners on a shared vision of information literacy.
  • Identify needs for future professional development.

For more detail, please refer following poster.


IFLA ILS Satellite Meeting

URL Link for online registration is here:

UniKL to host 2 IFLA programme this August

2 IFLA event

This August, UniKL will host 2 IFLA event at UniKL Chancellery. The said event are:

1. IFLA Information Literacy Section Satellite Meeting
Date: 23 August (Thursday)
Time: 09.00AM – 16.00PM
Venue: Senate Meeting Room, Level 29 UniKL Chancellery

2. IFLA Delegate Local Library Visit: Half-day Walking Tour
Date: 30 August (Thursday)
Time: 09.00AM – 12.00PM & 02.00PM – 05.00PM
Venue: Tunku Azizah Knowledge Centre, Level 14 UniKL Chancellery

Stay tune! We will share more update from time to time.

February 2018 – Library Bulettin

Sharing herewith are Tunku Azizah Knowledge Centre & Learning Hubs activities for February 2018.